How did Greek ships work?

How good were ancient Greek ships?

In times of war, their specially designed ships, along with well trained oarsmen and strong sails, helped them to defeat their enemies in sea battles. Athens, by far, had the best navy of all of the ancient Greek city-states. Their ability to fight well at sea was critical to their victory in their war with Persian.

What was the most important factor for Greeks ships?

have to pass over mountains and through valleys. Athens was able to develop the most powerful naval fleet (tons of war boats or battle ships) in ancient Greece mainly because of its: close distance to the Aegean Sea. What is the name of the body of water that lies north of Africa and south of Europe?

What God did Greek sailors pray to before leaving port?

God of the Sea

Before people of Ancient Greece would go into any ship and before the ship was even allowed to leave the harbor, they sailors would pray to the god Poseidon to keep them safe while they were in the water.

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Why do Greek boats have eyes?

Evidence for the function of ship eyes in Greek literature shows that the eyes of ships primarily served to mark the presence of a supernatural consciousness that guided the ship and helped it to avoid hazards.

How fast did ancient Greek ships travel?

Vessels could not reach their maximum speed until they met the waters south of Rhodes. When we combine all the above evidence we find that under favorable wind conditions, ancient vessels averaged between 4 and 6 knots over open water, and 3 to 4 knots while working through islands or along coasts.

Why did most people travel by boats in Greece?

The land was very difficult to travel. What is one reason that traveling by water was easier than traveling by land for ancient Greeks? Ancient Greeks were always near water and learned to travel by ship. … Ancient Greeks raised sheep and goats because they could graze on mountains and cattle could not.

How did most kings in ancient Greece come to power?

At first, the Greek kings were chosen by the people of the city-state. When a king died, another leader was selected to take his place. Over time, however, kings demanded that, after their death, their power be passed on to their children—usually to the oldest son.

What military tactics did the Greeks use?

Naval tactics

  • Battle formations. In open sea, the Greek navy would sail in an upside-down ship formation, led by the commander’s ship. …
  • Diekplous. The diekplous was an ancient Greek naval operation used to infiltrate the enemy’s line-of-battle. …
  • Periplous. …
  • Ramming. …
  • Shearing. …
  • Marines and archers. …
  • Hoplites. …
  • Phalanx.
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What was the most important factor that helped ancient Greece grow?

Most important factor that helped Ancient Greece grow. The Aegean Sea was great for trading many things. City-states in Greece were very isolated from one another because Greece had a lot of .. What is an agora?