How do you become a skipper in Greece?

What qualification do I need to sail a boat in Greece?

Examples of qualifications currently accepted include the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for sail, an RYA Day Skipper practical certificate or higher, Bareboat Chartering Standard (ASA 104) or the equivalent from your country. The co-skipper should also be competent to sail and be over 18 years old.

Do you need a license to sail a boat in Greece?

Boat owners need a license to sail in Greece

If you have your own yacht, you will be required to provide valid documentation before entering Greece: A valid VHF/Radio licence. An original insurance certificate. The skipper must possess an ICC (International Certificate of Competence)

What license do you need to rent a boat in Greece?

If you want to charter bareboat in Greece, you’ll need a valid international sailing license to prove your experience. You also need an assisting crew member with some boating experience. This crew member must be at least 18 years old. You are not required to have a VHF Radio Certificate.

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Is RYA day skipper accepted in Greece?


Can a day skipper sail at night?

What are your limits on passing this? You can skipper a boat on coastal passages in daylight hours, and if pushed should be able to navigate after dark in reasonable conditions.

What qualifications do I need to sail in Mediterranean?

Many sailing destinations require formal qualifications before you can charter a yacht. RYA Day Skipper qualification is the minimum requirement across the Mediterranean. We strongly advise that your skipper and first mate be qualified to at least this level so you can keep your destination choices open.

Can you drink on a boat in Greece?

Always wear a life jacket – In Greece, it is required by Law that all boats must carry Solas approved life jackets for all persons +10% of the boats approved number of persons capacity. … Don’t drink and boat – According to the Coast Guard, Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) is a leading cause in fatal boating accidents.

Is ICC accepted in Greece?

An ICC is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and allows the holder to voyage internationally in any country that has chosen to accept it. The ICC is also recognised informally in many countries that have not formally accepted Resolution 40 – Spain, Greece and Portugal, for example,.

Are jet skis allowed in Greece?

In Greece it is required that drivers of Personal watercraft must be over 16 years old and must hold a license. Keep in mind while driving your jet-ski you must: keep the distance from shore of 300 meters, Not exceed 3 knots within the port.

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How much is it to rent a boat in Greece?

A boat rental in Greece starts at $75/day for 5 people on board. However during high season, expect to pay between $180/day and $365/day. The cost of a RIB rental in Greece starts at $200/day without a captain, and can typically accommodate up to 8 guests.

Is day skipper an ICC?

Many of Europe’s charter companies and overseeing authorities require the skipper of a yacht or motorboat to have an ICC. … Holders of the RYA Day Skipper Practical Certificate or higher may apply to the RYA for an ICC without further study or assessment.

What does RYA day skipper allow you to do?

RYA Day Skipper is a qualification which enables you to safely take charge of a 30-45ft sail cruising yacht and its crew by day in familiar waters.

How do you qualify for day skipper?

Strictly speaking, as a bare minimum, candidates looking to take the 5-day RYA Day Skipper practical course must be at least 16 years of age and have at least 5 days on-the-water sailing experience including 4 night hours and 100 miles logged.