How much does it cost to stay in Santorini for a week?

How much does a week in Santorini cost?

The average price of a Weekend 3-day trip to Santorini, Greece is $768 for a solo traveller, $1306 for a couple, and $1690 for a family of 4. Santorini city centre hotel range from $171 to $427 with an average of $213 per night, while Airbnb rentals will cost you $53 per night for the entire apartment.

Is Santorini expensive to visit?

If you are still wondering if Santorini is expensive, the best answer is, it really depends. … Of course a trip to Santorini will, on average, cost you more than a trip to mainland Athens, but this is true for many a Greek island. The island is small, and most things have to be imported onto the island.

Is Santorini expensive for food and drink?

A sit-down meal in Santorini can be expensive if it comes with a view, but there are cheaper places as well. Wine can often be found cheaper than beer, and happy hour specials bring the price down more.

Is Santorini cheap or expensive?

There’s a reason Santorini attracts more than two million tourists each year — the white-and-blue washed island in the Greek Cyclades is basically heaven on earth. But it’s also about twice as expensive as Athens, with hotel prices in the summer climbing to $250, on average, per night.

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Does Santorini get cold?

It can get pretty cold as it is also windy and humid (no snow or below 0 temperatures though…). Remember: Santorini is an island! As a rule of thumb also, bear in mind that January and February are the coldest months in Santorini (and in Greece), with the most unpredictable weather (but no extremes…don’t worry).

How many days do you need in Santorini?

But to really experience Santorini, consider spending three to five days: you’ll be able to sightsee, hike, and beach-hop while embracing the relaxed pace of island life.

Can you do Santorini on a budget?

A trip to Santorini is never complete without the iconic volcano tour, even if you’re on a strict budget. To save money, you can look for an affordable volcano tour option that starts from 20 euro only. It will allow you to explore the beautiful island and enjoy all the activities it offers without going overboard.

Is 2 days enough in Santorini?

Spending 2 days in Santorini allows enough time to do a quick tour around the island, sightsee in a couple of villages, and spend an afternoon on the beach or on a boat. If you want to take it slow, you should add a third day to your Santorini weekend to relax poolside at your villa and stroll around the nearby towns.

Is 7 days in Santorini too much?

Santorini is a relatively small island, so some of you may wonder if a week is too much time to spend there – I would say, it’s just enough.

Is 4 days enough in Santorini?

Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands. … While some people visit Santorini as part of a longer cruise boat trip, others prefer to spend more time on the island. Generally speaking, 4 days in Santorini is a good amount of time to enjoy and get to know the island.

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What food is Santorini known for?

Food You Must Try When You Are in Santorini

  • Saganaki.
  • This wonderful and addictive dish is fried cheese, covered with filo pastry and drizzled with honey. …
  • Fava.
  • Fava is probably the most famous and iconic traditional dish in Santorini. …
  • Chlorotyri. …
  • White Eggplant. …
  • Apochti. …
  • Tomato Keftedes.

What is the most popular resort in Santorini?

11 Best Santorini Towns and Resorts

  • Oia.
  • Fira.
  • Perissa.
  • Kamari.
  • Imerovigli.
  • Akrotiri.
  • Pyrgos.
  • Megalochori.