How warm is the water in Greece in May?

Can you swim in sea in May in Greece?

The ocean is cool for sure but that is all relative. For us Canadians the water in May in Greece is just about as good as it gets here in the summer so the truth of the matter is, once you get in the water after a minute or so your body adjusts and it is fine.

Is it warm enough to swim in May in Greece?

A good travel itinerary for Greece should consider the weather patterns of the Greek islands. … The sea will be cool for swimming in May (even though the weather can be beautiful). The water is warmest in August and early September. Swimming in early May and late October is often possible but can’t be guaranteed.

How warm are the waters in Greece?

Sea water temperatures are approximately 56.1F or 13.4C in the northern Aegean Sea, 57.7F or 14.3C in the Ionian, and 60.9F or 16.1C to the south in the Mediterranean Sea in January.

Climate for Athens.

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Average high °F 87,8
Average low °F 73,4
Daily mean °F 81,7
Avg. Rainy days 1

Where is the water warmest in Greece?

The warmest region throughout the year is the south-east Aegean: Kos, Rhodes, Bodrum and Marmaris. Except for June and July where also the Ionian, Saronic and Cyclades areas are as warm as the south-east Aegean.

Is it hot in Greece in May?

In Greece, the month of May is when the warm weather starts to settle in, and the sun begins to shine brightly. Even though the whole country is preparing for summer, the number of tourists who are visiting during this month are still minimal, making May a perfect time to visit highly frequented destinations.

Is Greece hot enough in May?

Generally, the best weather in Greece is what you’ll experience in May, June and September. Plenty of sunny days that aren’t too hot make May an ideal time for long, leisurely walks in Athens. By June, the beaches of the Aegean islands are warm enough for swimming and popular islands like Mykonos aren’t crowded yet.

Which Greek island is the hottest in May?

Crete. Classed as a summer month by the locals, May is a lovely time of year to visit Greece. The island of Crete actually stays the hottest for the longest time of any Greek island – from April through to November – but May’s temperature averages a pleasant 24C.

Where is it hot in May?

Where is hot in May?

Destiniation Temperature (°C)
Orlando 31.3
Dominican Republic 31.0
Barbados 30.7
Cuba 30.2
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Can you swim in Santorini in May?

During Spring (March, April, May):

In April, the weather becomes warmer every day and it can reach 25 degrees celsius with clear skies and sun. However, May is definitely the month to start swimming in Santorini (even though the sea waters might still be slightly cold from the winter).

Why is the sea in Greece so cold?

Currents, local springs and the depth of the sea make the water colder. Also, obviously, the time of year and air temperature plays a part.

Which Greek Island has the warmest water?

Diaporos island in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is like an exotic paradise, with crystal clear warm waters and no winds all year round.

Where is the clearest water in Greece?

Balos Beach has beautiful white sand and some of the clearest water in Greece — which is helping it to rise in the rankings of the best beaches in Greece.