Is Rafina or Piraeus closer to Athens airport?

How much is a taxi from Rafina to Athens?

Rafina port is the second busiest port of Athens offering two main means of transportation to the centre of the city, taxis and a KTEL bus connection. Taxi rides from the port normally cost around 40€ and last 30 to 45 minutes depending on traffic conditions and time of the day.

How much is a taxi from Athens airport to Piraeus port?

Taxi Fares from Athens Airport

Airport Taxi Transfer Day 05:00-24:00 Night 00:00-05:00
Athens Airport to Athens Center 38 € 54€
Athens Airport to Piraeus Port 50 € 70 €
Athens Airport to Rafina Port 25 € 35 €
Athens Airport to Lavrio Port 55 € 75 €

Which area of Athens is best to stay in?

Best Areas to Stay in Athens?

  • The Best Neighborhoods in Athens are Plaka, Monastiraki, Koukaki, Syntagma, Kolonaki, and Psirri. …
  • Best Places for Sightseeing: Most neighborhoods in Athens have at least a few attractions, whether museums or ruins, but Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods have the most.

How do I get from Athens airport to Piraeus?

From Athens airport to Piraeus port, you have three modes of transportation to choose from, a public bus, a metro line and the standard taxis. Taking an Athens airport taxi is the fastest and most convenient transfer option, but costs 54-70€. A cheaper option is the bus, which costs only 6€, but takes over an hour.

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Does Uber work in Greece?

Previously before Uber was introduced in Greece, people widely used local taxis, which were quite dominant. … Unfortunately, Uber is now banned in Athens, and you only have access to Uber Taxi, which is a bit more costly than regular Uber.

Is there a ferry from Athens to Crete?

There are at least 14 weekly routes from Athens (Piraeus) to Crete throughout the year. From June to September, there are more frequent crossings both with standard and high-speed vessels. … Ferry from Piraeus to Chania: The Piraeus – Chania route is usually daily throughout the year.