Is Roman art more realistic than Greek art?

How was Roman art different from Greek art?

Idealistic Differences

The Greeks often represented the gods in their art, in an effort to express the ideal form of beauty, physical strength and power. For the Romans, however, art had a more practical function. Artwork was primarily used for ornamentation and decoration.

Were Roman statues more realistic than Greek statues?

The Romans took many elements from Greek art but brought a more naturalistic and ostentatious style. Where Greek statues and sculptures depict calm, ideal figures in the nude, Roman sculpture is highly decorative and more concerned with realistic depictions of individuals.

What is the most famous Greek art?

Why did Greek artists favor idealism?

Ancient Greek artists favored idealism because of their understanding of idealism and their goals, especially in sculpture.

Why did Romans use marble instead of bronze?

Solid plaster casts with numerous points of measurement were used for marble copies. Since copies in marble lack the tensile strength of bronze, they required struts or supports, which were often carved in the form of tree trunks, figures, or other kinds of images.

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