Question: Which Greek island is not windy?

Where is it not windy in Greece?

The area with absolutely no wind is only the Turkish coast since there is no open sea navigation. Being Kos and Rhodes island close to Turkey you can change your route at any time and spend a few days along the Turkish coast of the Aegean if you expect the strong wind.

Which Greek island has the best weather?

Crete. Crete is the largest Greek island and has some of the best winter weather. You can be eating lunch under a blazing November sun while gazing up at snow-capped mountains. It’s also a fabulous time for hiking – don’t miss the dramatic Samaria Gorge.

Which Greek islands are windy?

Mykonos is known as the windy island as it is one of those affected by the Meltemi, particularly in the July – August period. Outside of the Meltemi season, Mykonos is no more or less windy than other areas in Greece.

Which is the coolest Greek island?

The 5 Best Greek Islands

  1. Santorini. My favorite island in Greece is Santorini. …
  2. Mykonos. The best nightlife and clubbing in Greece is found on Mykonos. …
  3. Crete. The largest Greek island and rich with beaches, historical sites, hikes, traditional villages, small cities, and great tours. …
  4. Naxos. …
  5. Paros.
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Is Greece always windy?

The air is usually hot during the day and pleasantly warm at night, but there are some very windy days, especially in the Cyclades islands and around them. Heatwaves may occur, but they are usually quite mild at the coastal areas, where temperatures are moderated by the relatively cooler sea and the sea breeze.

Which is hottest Greek island?

Although Rhodes is officially the hottest Greek island in October, there are other top islands worth considering this month, including; Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos and Corfu.

Other options – hottest Greek islands in October.

Island Rhodes
Ave temp (℃) 21
Sea temp (℃) 22
Sunshine (Hrs) 8
Rainfall (mm) 68

Is Greece hot in January?

Located in the south of Europe, Greece enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cooler winters. January is a pleasant yet mild month in Greece, despite being one of the coldest months of the year.

Is Crete a windy island?

But you cannot get away from the fact that Crete is a windy island, so if wind troubles you, it might be wise to choose another destination.

How fast do Greek ferries go?

Most conventional ferries run at a speed of 20-25 knots per hour, which translates to 37-45 kms / 23-29 miles per hour. By comparison, highspeed vessels can reach 38-40 knots per hour, or 70-74 kms / 44-46 miles per hour. Some of them, however, travel a lot faster.

Which side of Rhodes is less windy?

Re: Is there a windy side on Rhodes? Yes, the western side of the island (where the airport is) tends to be windier, with rougher beaches. The eastern side is far calmer, but usually warmer as well.

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