Quick Answer: How long is the ferry from Mykonos to Rhodes?

Can you get a boat from Rhodes to Mykonos?

There are two basic ferry types for the route from Rhodes to Mykonos: Conventional (regular car ferries) and High Speed. Regular car ferries take more travel time from Rhodes to Mykonos but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones!

Which is better Mykonos or Santorini?

The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

Can you fly from Mykonos to Rhodes?

How many airlines fly direct from Mykonos to Rhodes? There are no airlines that fly directly from Mykonos to Rhodes.

Can you island hop from Rhodes?

Island hopping from Rhodes. Rhodes is a great island-hopping destination! There are regular ferry routes from Rhodes to more islands in the Dodecanese all year round. During summer months, there are also ferries to the Cyclades, Crete and the coast of Turkey.

Why is Mykonos so expensive?

Hi there girls, Yes, Mykonos can be expensive, Its because of its popularity, its connections via boat and airport to all other parts of Greece. But, you can still have a great time here and there are places to eat, stay and have a drink at that are not too expensive as others.

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Is Mykonos safe at night?

In fact, since many parts of Mykonos are cramped and small, you have no choice but to walk there. However, when night falls, the safety rate drastically drops to 25.00%. This means you really shouldn’t go out at night!

Is Mykonos more expensive than Santorini?

When comparing the travel costs between Santorini and Mykonos, we can see that Santorini is more expensive. … Since both cities are in Europe, it’s no surprise that their costs are relatively close, as many destinations here have somewhat similar travel prices overall.

Which is nicer Rhodes or Crete?

Though touristy, Rhodes has many pleasant uncrowded places in the off-season (e.g. Haraki) as well as fabulous beaches. Crete also has great beaches (perhaps even better ones), big resorts with British-style bars, as well as authentic and quiet areas.

Which is the most peaceful Greek island?

In the archipelago of the Sporades, located in the western part of the Aegean Sea, you will find the island of Skiros. It’s the largest, and probably the most peaceful among this group of Greek islands.