What are two ways in which travel by sea was difficult in ancient Greece?

Why was sea travel difficult in ancient Greece?

Due to the mountainous features of the Greek landscape, overland travel was difficult. The Greek coastline provided an abundance of harbors and inlets for shipping. Greece had limited food supplies due to the rocky and mountainous landscape. …

What 2 things made traveling and communications difficult in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greek communities were isolated from each other by mountains, which made travel and communication difficult. 3. Answers will vary. Possible answers: Travel by land was hard because roads were not paved.

How the sea affected travel in ancient Greece?

Difficulties of Travel

The mountains and the seas of Greece contributed greatly to the isolation of ancient Greek communities. Because travel over the mountains and across the water was so difficult, the people in different settlements had little communication with each other. Travel by land was especially hard.

Why was the sea so important to ancient Greece?

The Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the neighboring Black Sea were important transportation and trade routes for the Greek people. These seaways linked most parts of Greece. Sea travel and trade were also important because Greece lacked natural resources, such as timber, precious metals, and usable farmland.

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What is the best way to describe sea travel in ancient Greece?

What is the best way to describe sea travel in ancient Greece? – Ancient Greeks avoided travel on the seas because of their religious beliefs. – Greek city-states primarily used the seas because of the ease of travel and trade. – Ancient Greeks traveled primarily by land because sea voyages were dangerous.

In what ways was traveling in ancient Greece difficult 5 examples?

Reasons why travel was hard in ancient Greece.

  • travel over mountains and seas were hard.
  • seas had storms.
  • land travel was hard + unpaved, rocky, muddy roads.
  • ppl bought food and supplies while traveling.

What was one reason Persia attacked Greece *?

The invasion, consisting of two distinct campaigns, was ordered by the Persian king Darius the Great primarily in order to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria. … Darius also saw the opportunity to extend his empire into Europe, and to secure its western frontier.

Does Greece look like an outstretched hand?

Greece is shaped like an outstretched hand. … Greece includes both a mainland and islands.