What do you eat with Bulgarian cheese?

How do you eat Bulgarian cheese?

Bulgarians can’t live without their cheese. It’s served with almost every meal. They eat it on slices of bread, in salty pastries, with scrambled eggs, in salads, and even with sweet desserts. Culture Trip takes a closer look at Bulgarian cheese.

What is the dominant religion in Bulgaria?

The largest religious belief in Republic of Bulgaria is Eastern Orthodox Christianity which covers 4,374,135 people, or 82.6% of the population of the country.

Can I drink the tap water in Bulgaria?

Tap water is safe to drink all over the country but not always pleasant in taste or appearance. Bulgaria’s vast supplies of mineral water are widely available in 0.5 litre and 1.5 litre bottles. They are very tasty and not expensive.

Can I use euros in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is an EU country although it has not adopted the Euro. While it may do in the future, currently only the lev can be used. Despite this, prices are sometimes shown in Euros so that visiting Europeans better understand how much they are paying.

Is Bulgarian feta cheese good for you?

While feta cheese provides you with an excellent source of nutrients like calcium and protein, it also contains high amounts of sodium and saturated fat. Feta is lower in fat than many other cheeses, however, and is considered a reasonable option to eat in moderation.

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