What happened to The Greek The Wire?

Was the Greek an informant?

The show implies that Koutris’ tip-off isn’t due to corruption, necessarily. Rather, the Greek himself is an informant who’s helping the FBI combat terrorism, and Koutris helps him out in exchange for that assistance.

Is the Greek Russian the wire?

The Greek is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by actor Bill Raymond. The Greek is the head of an international criminal organization involved in narcotics and human trafficking.

The Greek
Created by David Simon
Portrayed by Bill Raymond
In-universe information
Gender Male

What race is the Greek The Wire?

Background. Their members are of Greek and Eastern European heritage.

Are the Cypriots Greek?

Greek Cypriots (Greek: Ελληνοκύπριοι, Turkish: Kıbrıs Rumları or Kıbrıs Yunanları) are the ethnic Greek population of Cyprus, forming the island’s largest ethnolinguistic community.

Greek Cypriots.

Total population
Australia, South Africa, Greece, United States and others ≈230,000
Modern Greek (Cypriot and Standard)

What did The Greek forget?

Lethe was also the name of the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, with whom the river was often identified. In Classical Greek, the word lethe (λήθη) literally means “oblivion”, “forgetfulness”, or “concealment”.

What is The Greek FBI?

Koutris is an FBI agent who feeds information on the bureau’s activity to The Greek. … It is also implied that Koutris is protecting The Greek in exchange for information about potential acts of terrorism.

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Did he have hands the wire?

Sergei ‘Serge’ Malatov : [on the phone] Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn’t us…

Who killed Frank Sobotka?

Originally, the Greek’s intention merely focused on securing Frank’s loyalty to his organization. However, when his inside man in the FBI, Kristos Koutris, tips him off to Sobotka’s informant status, his plans changed and Frank was murdered.

Why do they call Sergei Boris?

He acts as a driver and enforcer for The Greek. He is Ukrainian, although Americans often assume he is Russian. He hates this and their subsequent tendency to nickname him “Boris”. He is responsible for picking up containers of smuggled goods from the port and taking them to The Greek’s front warehouse to be fenced.