What happens in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2?

What happens at the end of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

As the film ends, an epilogue flashes to the couple’s life six years in the future. Toula and Ian have a daughter who is attending Greek school and not to happy about it. But Toula promises her that although she’ll need to learn about her heritage, she has her parents’ permission to marry anyone she chooses.

What is the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

What does Ian do in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Character Analysis

Overview… a high school English teacher from a family of lawyers. Ian’s parents weren’t too happy when he switched his major in college, but Ian’s never been one to do whatever his parents tell him – it’s part of why his new girlfriend Toula admires him so much.

Will there be a 3rd My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Nia Vardalos is ready to continue the My Big Fat Greek Wedding story. The actress revealed that she has completed the script for the third movie in the rom-com franchise and hopes to film soon.

Do Greeks really use Windex on everything?

Not really, but it does to the spitters. And then there’s the Windex. Granted, not every Greek dad uses Windex, but they all tend to have their one thing that will magically fix everything. With my dad, it’s Vitamin B-12, specifically in liquid form.

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Did Windex sales go up after My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Hit summer movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding is helping boost sales of window cleaner Windex in America – thanks to the film’s claim that it cures all manner of ailments.

Is Windex a cure all?

Windex is hardly a cure-all, but there are other kinds of home remedies that actually do work… Does anyone remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with the dad who insisted a spritz of Windex was all you needed to cure anything, from pimples to psoriasis? Heh!