What is mainland Greece?

What is classed as mainland Greece?

Mainland. Mainland Greece forms the southernmost part of the Balkan peninsula with two additional smaller peninsulas projecting from it: the Chalkidiki and the Peloponnese. The north of the country includes the regions of Macedonia and Thrace.

Where can I holiday in mainland Greece?

Best Greek mainland destinations

  • Athens. Attica. The capital of Greece, Athens is famous for its long history and the amazing sightseeing. …
  • Halkidiki. Macedonia. 1hr from Thessaloniki. …
  • Thessaloniki. Macedonia. 60min from Athens. …
  • Delphi. Sterea. …
  • Meteora. Thessaly. …
  • Nafplion. Peloponnese. …
  • Parga. Epirus. …
  • Olympia. Peloponnese.

What is there to do on mainland Greece?

The best places to visit in mainland Greece

  • Parga in mainland Greece.
  • Meteora monasteries.
  • The Delphi oracle.
  • Roman Agora in Athens.
  • Epidaurus.
  • Chrani.
  • Koroni.
  • Parga.

Can I travel to mainland Greece?

Cross-regional travel is allowed for mainland Greece and the islands of Lefkada, Evia and Salamina (use of self-tests ahead of travel is strongly recommended but is not mandatory). … a negative result from a PCR test carried out up to 72 hours prior to travel; or.

Is nafpaktos worth visiting?

Although it is relatively untouched by international tourists, Nafpaktos is a town well-known to the Greeks. … On a hill above Nafpaktos town sits an imposing Venetian castle with a breathtaking view of the sea and the opposite coasts of Peloponesse. It’s worth a visit!

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