What is Rhodes like in December?

Is Rhodes warm in December?

Average Weather during December in Rhodes Town (Dodecanese), Greece. … The amount of rain in December is high with an average of 150mm (5.9in). You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 16.5°C (61.7°F).

Can you swim in Rhodes in December?

December is a cold and slightly rainy time for sunbathing in Rhodes and not really recommended. December is a little too cold to enjoy swimming in Rhodes for any length of time. Consider visiting Rhodes in the months of June, July, August, September, for the best beach weather.

Is Rhodes Open in December?

If you want to wander through the town’s white-washed houses and enjoy its pictureque beaches, going in winter will give you the option to explore Lindos almost completely on your own! While most shops and restaurants will be closed, a few stay open all year, so don’t worry about starving.

How cold does Rhodes get in winter?

Winter, from December to mid-March, is mild: daytime temperatures hover about 15/17 °C (59/63 °F). The rains are quite frequent, but there are also sunny days. Sometimes, it can get a little cold: lows can drop to about 3/5 °C (37/41 °F), and highs can remain about 7/10 °C (45/50 °F).

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How hot is Rhodes Greece in December?

December is one of the coldest months with an average daily temperature of 16°C. However, this often rises to 16°C on good days, before dropping to around 11°C at night. Since it’s winter, the days are much shorter with an average of nine hours of sunshine per day.

Can you swim in the sea in Rhodes in October?

* in at least part of the area.

Swimming on the island of Rhodes by month.

Month Oct.
sea temperature 74°F to 76°F
Our opinion pleasant swimming
Details Sea temperature on the island of Rhodes in october

Where can you swim in Rhodes?

The Ten Best Beaches on Rhodes, The Island of Knights

  • Agathi Beach, Rhodes is situated near a medieval castle. Agathi Beach, Rhodes. …
  • Kallithea Beach. Kallithea Beach, Rhodes. …
  • The iconic beach of Anthony Quinn Bay. Anthony Quinn Bay. …
  • Ladiko is a scenic cove. …
  • Faliraki Beach. …
  • Afandou Beach. …
  • Agios Pavlos Beach. …
  • Haraki Beach.

Can you swim in Rhodes in May?

Weather in Rhodes May is just perfect for your holiday and even for a long bath in the sea if you don’t have a problem if the sea temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

Is Rhodes open in winter?

Rhodes is seasonal but Rhodes Town itself is a city that functions all year round. Things will be open, but not everything. The Old Town will be pretty much closed so if you are coming for the museums etc January is not such a good time.

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What is there to do in Rhodes in winter?

Visit central Rhodes and walk through pine forests with fragrant fresh air and lush greenery. Or take a walk on the seaside enjoying the fresh winter sea breeze, listening to the sound of the waves while gazing at the endless sea.

Can you fly to Rhodes in winter?

Islands like Santorini get visitors all year round as does Mykonos, Sifnos, Paros, Naxos, Crete, Rhodes, Syros, Lesvos and just about every island that can be reached by daily ferry or flight. … Islands with large cities like Rhodes, Lesvos, and Crete are like cities anywhere. They don’t close for the winter.

Does it ever rain in Rhodes?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, February and December. Rhodes Town has dry periods in May, June, July, August and September. On average, January is the wettest month with 151.0 mm (5.94 inch) of precipitation. On average, August is the driest month with 0.4 mm (0.02 inch) of precipitation.