What is the weather in Albania in August?

What is the best month to visit Albania?

April-June and Sep-Oct are the best time to go to Albania – you’ll avoid scorching coastal summer heat and bitter winter mountain cold, making these ideal for walking, cycling, sightseeing, watersports and flopping on the beach.

What is the hottest month in Albania?

July is the hottest month in Tirana with an average temperature of 24°C (75°F) and the coldest is January at 7°C (45°F). .

Does it rain a lot in Albania?

Lowland rainfall averages from 1,000 millimeters (39.37 in) to more than 1,500 millimeters (59.06 in) annually, with the higher levels in the north. Nearly 95% of the rain falls in the winter.

Is Albania cold in December?

Winter (December through February)

Weather is too cold this time of year in Albania to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. The average high during this season is between 56.9°F (13.8°C) and 49.8°F (9.9°C). On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: 6 to 9 times per month.

What is Albania famous for?

Nestled between northern Greece and the azure waters of Italy, Albania should be a tourist mecca. With a fascinating history, natural beauty, to-die-for Mediterranean cuisine, and a bundle of eccentricity, Shqipëri, as Albania is known in its native tongue, is Europe’s unpolished diamond.

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Is Albania hot or cold?

Weather and climate

Albania has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Temperatures vary between the lowland coasts and the highlands, but generally everywhere is pleasant year-round. Bring an umbrella for winter travels, Albania’s rainiest season.

Is Albania hot in July?

In July, which is typically the warmest month, the weather reaches about 32 degrees C (90 degrees F). The dry period of the year is from June to September while it is predominately cold and wet from October to May.

What is the year round weather in Albania?

The climate of Albania

Albania has a typically Mediterranean climate characterised by mild winters with abundant precipitation and hot, dry summers. The annual mean air temperature varies widely over the territory from 7°C over the highest zones up to 15°C in the coastal zone.

Which is the coldest month in Albania?

January is the coldest month in Tirana, with an average high-temperature of 9.2°C (48.6°F) and an average low-temperature of 3.4°C (38.1°F).