What was the primary function of the chorus in ancient Greek theater quizlet?

What was the primary function of the chorus in Greek theater?

The chorus in Classical Greek drama was a group of actors who described and commented upon the main action of a play with song, dance, and recitation. Greek tragedy had its beginnings in choral performances, in which a group of 50 men danced and sang dithyrambs—lyric hymns in praise of the god Dionysus.

What are the 2 main functions of the Greek chorus?

What are the 2 main functions of the Greek chorus? The purpose of the chorus in a Greek play vary from play to play. The chorus acts as the narrators, make breaks for actors, bring drama to play other than with the use of props, and acts as audience surrogates.

Which of the following roles did the chorus serve in the theater of ancient Greece?

The chorus generally had the following roles in the plays of Sophocles: (1) to explain the action, (2) To interpret the action in relation to the law of the state and the law of the Olympian gods, (3) to foreshadow the future, (4) to To serve as actor actor in the play, (5) To sing and/or dance, and (6) to give the …

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What are the 5 functions of a Greek chorus?

They function, scholars have suggested variously, to offer a sense of rich spectacle to the drama; to provide time for scene changes and give the principle actors a break; to offer important background and summary information that facilitates an audience’s ability to follow the live performance; to offer commentary …

Why is Greek Theatre important?

Theatre was so important to the ancient Greeks that prisoners would be released from jail temporarily, so they could also attend. Every town had at least one theatre. … Part of the reason plays were so important is that originally plays were performed to honour Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of harvest and wine.

Who does the chorus typically represent in Greek drama quizlet?

(1) In classic Greek plays, an ensemble of characters representing the general public of the play, such as the women of Argos or the elders of Thebes. Originally, the chorus numbered fifty; Aeschylus is said to have reduced it to twelve and Sophocles to have increased it to fifteen.

Which of the following was a special effect used in Greek theater?

The Greeks used a variety of special effects to enhance their plays. They had ways of creating sounds such as rain, thunder, and horses hooves. They used cranes to lift actors up so they appeared to be flying. They often used a wheeled platform called an “ekkyklema” to roll out dead heroes onto the stage.