What’s unique about Rhode Island?

What makes Rhode Island unique?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in size in the United States. It covers an area of 1,214 square miles. Its distances North to South are 48 miles and East to West 37 miles. … Rhode Island was home to the first National Lawn Tennis Championship (the precursor to the U.S. Open) in 1881.

Is Rhode Island Expensive?

An amount below 100 means Rhode Island is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Rhode Island, Rhode Island is more expensive.

Rhode Island cost of living is 110.6.

COST OF LIVING Rhode Island United States
Housing 123.4 100
Median Home Cost $375,800 $291,700
Utilities 115.9 100

Why would you live in Rhode Island?

Because Rhode Island is so small, there are lots of activities you can do without driving too far. For example, you can experience the beaches, the city life and rich history all in close proximity. The character and charm that Rhode Island gives off makes for a great place to raise your family.

Is Ri safe?

Rhode Island is one of the safest states in America: its violent crime rate of 2.19 offenses per 1,000 and property crime rate of 16.6 per 1,000 are significantly below national levels. What’s more, Rhode Island’s already low rate of violent crime decreased by 6.4% in 2018, a trend that shows no signs of reversing.

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Is Rhode Island a cheap place to live?

Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island; and what the state lacks in size, it makes up for in affordable places to live. The trick, however, is to know how to navigate this New England state’s above average cost of living. … We took a look at the US Census and cost of living data for the state.

What are 5 interesting facts about Massachusetts?

11 Interesting Facts About Massachusetts That We’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

  • The first subway system was built in Boston. …
  • The Fig Newton? …
  • The first zip code ever is in Massachusetts. …
  • Our official state cat is the Tabby cat. …
  • Also, our official state muffin is the corn muffin.