You asked: What animals are in Bulgaria?

What dangerous animals live in Bulgaria?

Wildlife – rare emergencies occur because of snake or tick bites, attacks by wild or shepherd dogs or bears. The is six types of poisonous snakes in Bulgaria, but only two of them can actually cause any problems to humans. These are the vipers and the horn vipers.

What predators are in Bulgaria?

Predators such as bears, lynx and wolves still stalk these wilds, though they are very elusive. Easier to spot are Bulgaria’s hundreds of bird species, from raptors in the rocky ranges of central Bulgaria to pelicans strutting in wetlands further east.

Are there lions in Bulgaria?

In Southeast Europe, the lion inhabited part of the Balkan Peninsula, up to Hungary and Ukraine during the Neolithic period. It survived in Bulgaria until the 4th or 3rd century BC. Around 1000 BC, it became extinct in the Peloponnese. … In Transcaucasia, the lion was present until the 10th century.

Are there tigers in Bulgaria?

In one sense, it’s a curious choice because there are no lions in Bulgaria. The only big cats native to the country are the Eurasian lynx and European wild cat. Lions, however, are a symbol of power, courage, and authority. They feature in the folklore and symbolism of many cultures.

Can you own a monkey in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian lawmakers voted Thursday against the raising of monkeys at people’s homes and banned organizing of fights between animals. The restrictions were adopted after debates over the Animal Protection Law that is in tune with the EU legislation at second reading.

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What is the climate like in Bulgaria?

The climate in Bulgaria is continental, but changes to humid subtropical climate along the Black Sea Coast. The country’s mountain chains and large plains, along with cold air masses from the north and warm air masses from the Mediterranean, all have an impact on the climate in Bulgaria.