You asked: What companies use Greek symbols?

What brands use Greek mythology?

30 Best Brands with Greek Mythology Logos & Names

  • Goodyear. The winged foot logo you can see between Good Year is actually the winged foot of Hermes, the Greek God of travelers. …
  • Ajax. Ajax was one of the heroes in Greek mythology who took part in the Trojan war. …
  • Golden Fleece. …
  • Venus. …
  • Mobil. …
  • Pandora. …
  • Olympic Games. …
  • Maserati.

What is the Greek symbol for Nike?

Nike (mythology)

Symbol golden sandals, wings, wreaths
Personal information
Parents Pallas and Styx
Siblings Kratos, Bia, Zelus and Scylla, Fontes (Fountains), Lacus (Lakes)

What shoe company has a Greek influence?

So let’s discuss why the brand went with the “swoosh” for a logo of their product. The idea of the “swoosh” was derived from the wings of the Greek victory goddess named Nike. It inspires the warriors of Greek as it provides enormous and great power.

What does NBC do with Greek mythology?

The NBC Peacock logo is one of the popular logo symbols that use mythology to convey its brand message. … But the peacock in this design is from Greek mythology. The story says that Hera, who was the wife of Zeus, had 100 eyes, which were then translated to peacock’s feathers.

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Who is the god of fashion?

Clotho (/ˈkloʊθoʊ/; Greek: Κλωθώ) is a mythological figure.

Was Adidas a Greek god?

Is there a God Adidas? There is no Adidas in Greek mythology; the name comes from the name of the company’s founder, Adolf Dassler. It is a combination of his nickname “Adi” and the first three letters of his last name, “Das.” Adidas was founded on August 18, 1949.

Who was the ugliest god?

Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Sometimes it is said that Hera alone produced him and that he has no father. He is the only god to be physically ugly.

Is Nike a Greek company?

The company was founded on January 25, 1964, as “Blue Ribbon Sports”, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Nike, Inc.

Headquarters near Beaverton, Oregon
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.
Area served Worldwide

What is Zeus the god of?

Zeus is the god of the sky in ancient Greek mythology. As the chief Greek deity, Zeus is considered the ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans. Zeus is often depicted as an older man with a beard and is represented by symbols such as the lightning bolt and the eagle.

How do you pronounce Nike in Greek?

It’s pretty simple actually. The company was named after the ancient Greek goddess of victory, Nike, which is pronounced ni-key, reports Business Insider.