Your question: Why are there so many little churches in Mykonos?

Why are there so many small churches in Mykonos?

Historically, churches and small chapels were built around the island facing the sea to aid in the safe voyage and return of sailors.

Why does Greece have so many small churches?

“And on the smaller islands you will find hundreds of churches, not dozens. The reason is the experience of the danger of a life at sea prompts the building of churches dedicated to the patron saint of sailors and chapels to women in their lives, such as a mother or wife.”

What is the religion of Mykonos Greece?

The Orthodox religion takes an important role in the Greek culture and its presence on the island of Mykonos is without exception.

Why are there so many churches in Santorini?

With more than 600 temples in the whole island it becomes clear that you will most certainly set eyes on them whenever you go. This great number is a result of the locals’ efforts and religious fervor which was reinforced after the successive volcanic eruptions that hit Santorini causing tremendous damage.

How many churches are there in Italy?

Emilia-Romagna followed on the list, with a total of 19 churches and religious complexes as of 2019.

Number of churches and religious complexes in Italy in 2019, by region.

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Characteristic Number of churches and religious complexes
Apulia 6