Frequent question: What do you love about Greece?

Why do people love to go to Greece?

Rugged mountains, exotic, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes and lush forests – Greece has it all. Get the chance to discover different lifestyles and wonders all in one country as the natural beauty and diversity is bound to astonish you.

What religion is practiced in Greece?

Greece is an overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian nation – much like Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. And, like many Eastern Europeans, Greeks embrace Christianity as a key part of their national identity.

What makes Greece special?

Greece is mostly known for its collection of islands, beaches and complex ancient temples. A country of long impressive history & tradition, the birthplace of several mathematicians, artists & philosophers and the cradle of democracy.

What should you not miss in Greece?

What Should You Not Miss in Greece?

  • The Acropolis of Athens. Head here after having had breakfast downtown. …
  • Cyclades islands. It is just impossible to travel to Greece without including a visit to its famous islands. …
  • Traditional food.

What you should know about Greeks?

Here is a condensed list of things you should know about Greeks.

  • Greeks treasure family values.
  • Greeks are proud of their culture.
  • Greeks love to spend time outdoors.
  • Greeks are all about coffee.
  • Greeks are big on traditions.
  • Greeks start slow but always end with passion.
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